20 Years in Earthworks

Pro-Floors has been in business since 4th July 1997. 20 years of grass roots and sticking to the knitting - we have doubled in size, staff, machinery and gear and have gone from strength to strength within the Auckland construction industry.

Health & Safety Importance

We implement, adhere to and monitor all H&S practices throughout the team and our sites. You can't beat common sense but we know our way around the paperwork too. We have a tailored system that is based on the AS/NZS 4801:2001 and our focus is on our team understanding the why not just the how. We don't shy away from getting help when needed. Our overriding focus is getting our team to, through and home from work to their families, on the daily.

Environmental Obligations

With the substantial amount of gear we have on our roads and the operation of our Cleanfill tip we are conscious to keep our impact on environment as minimal as possible during our working hours. We complete required testing, analysis and protocols to ensure our obligations are being met.


Running 20 Mitsubishi's & 26 Hilux utes.


20 excavators, 4 bobcats, hotmix machine, 6 rollers, 2 graders, 2 crusher units, 2 loaders serviced by 2 full time in-house mechanics.


we specialise in hotmix, drainage, concrete work, kerbing and our own Cleanfill Tip located in Brookby.

Working Alongside Of the Industries Best